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Lukáš www - 07.02.2016, 17:09

Hi Marcin! Thank you for your comments. Last year i was pretty busy. There wasn't chance to see my work anywhere. I hope i can upload some pictures from Iceland soon.
Marcin www - 06.02.2016, 15:07

I can't believe it I'm the last one who left a comment here, and it was last year!
Marcin www - 12.03.2015, 20:12

You have here an awesome collections of beautiful images, I love your Scottish album. And you even have some Polish accent, that's coolsmile I grew up at the Baltic seaside.
Pearl - 03.02.2014, 07:08

I just wrote you on FB. Came across you while I was surfing for Broncia. YOur work is ARRESTING. thanks for giving these images to the world. HOw much do you use Bronica?
Stevek - 29.11.2013, 09:26

Nádhera, užil jsem si to:-). Můj favorit je ten hrad ve Skotsku!
juan marin www - 14.03.2013, 11:55

fantastic gallery
Lukáš www - 22.01.2013, 17:05

Děkuju, fotky upravuju uplně minimálně, takže na editoru vlastně vůbec nezáleží.
Tereza www - 22.01.2013, 12:04

vyborny fotky! v cem je upravujes?
MH www - 29.01.2012, 16:02

Skvělý minimalismus, opravdu.
MR www - 11.01.2012, 11:36

Pěkné fotky, jen tak dálsmile MR
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